Accessing Patch Scan Results (Scan View)

Patch scan results are available immediately following a successful scan by clicking the View complete results link on the Operations Monitor dialog (see Monitoring a Patch Scan). The scan results are also available when you select a previous scan from the Results list in the navigation pane.

Note: If scan results are not displayed it could be because the program's background services do not have the proper credentials to use when making a connection to the database. For more information see Performing a New Installation.

Machines Scanned

Machines that were successfully scanned will be included on the Machines Scanned tab. For information on understanding and using your patch scan results, see Navigating the Scan View Grid.

Machines Not Scanned

Any machines that the program was unable to scan will be contained on the Machines Not Scanned tab. There may be several reasons why a particular machine was not scanned. Error codes are provided that explain the reason for a particular failure. The error codes are described in greater detail in the knowledge base located here:

Tip: You can generate a Machines Not Scanned report that will contain additional information.

You can right-click on a machine and perform a number of different actions.


Scan With

Enables you to initiate a patch scan of the selected machines using any of the available patch scan templates.

Add to Machine Group

Enables you to add the selected machines to a new machine group or to an existing machine group. See Creating A New Machine Group for more information.

Important! Machines you add to the machine group are automatically assigned the associated machine credentials. (Hosted virtual machines are the exception, they are assigned the last known machine group credentials.) If no machine credentials are available, no credentials will be assigned and the default credentials will be used in any subsequent scans. If the default credentials are not valid for the machines, and if the account credentials of the person currently logged on to the program are also not valid for the machines, scans of the machines you just added to the group will fail. To prevent scanning errors, always supply credentials for machines you add to a machine group. See Supplying Credentials for more information.

Expand All

Expands all machine trees in the pane. This can also be accomplished using the Machines > Expand All menu.

Collapse All

Collapses all machine trees in the top pane. This can also be accomplished using the Machines > Collapse All menu.

Export selected machines to CSV

Export information about the selected machines to a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file. The CSV file can then be used within a spreadsheet program. This can also be accomplished using the Machines > Export visible machines to CSV menu.