About the Threat Events View

Threat Events View provides a way to view the threat tasks and Active Protection events that have occurred on your agent machines. It displays all threat events that have ever been reported to the console by your agents, providing a complete historical record for your organization. Compare this to the Threats tab available within Machine View, which displays only the most current threat task event information and does not display Active Protection information.

When a threat task or Active Protection event occurs on an agent machine, the information is automatically reported to the console within 5 - 25 minutes.

Threat Events View is accessed from the main menu by selecting View > Threats.

A very simple Threat Events View is shown here. You can adjust the amount of information that is displayed by using the Events since option. By default, all threat events that have occurred within the last 30 days will be displayed.



Note: Threat Events View will be empty if you view it immediately after installing the program or if no events have been reported by your threat agents. This is because there is no threat information in the database to display.

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