Installing and Uninstalling the Shavlik Scheduler

The Scheduled Tasks Manager uses the services of the Shavlik Scheduler when managing tasks on a machine. The Scheduled Tasks Manager cannot manage machines that do not contain the Shavlik Scheduler. One indication that the Shavlik Scheduler is not installed on a machine is if the machine icon appears dimmed ().

Note: You can manually verify if the Shavlik Scheduler is installed on an individual machine by selecting Administrative Tools > Services and looking for the Shavlik Remote Scheduler Service.

If the Shavlik Scheduler is configured to be the preferred scheduler for Shavlik Protect (see Scheduling Options), then it will be automatically installed on each machine during patch scans, asset scans, and patch deployments. If the Shavlik Scheduler is not configured to be the preferred scheduler, you can manually install it on individual machines from within the Scheduled Task Manager.

  1. Right-click the desired machine and select Scheduler Service > Install.

  1. Type the user name and password of an account on the machine that contains administrative privileges.

  2. Click Install.

If the installation is successful the machine icon will change from a dimmed appearance to a normal appearance ( ).