About the Scheduled Tasks Manager

The Scheduled Tasks Manager is designed to give you a single location from which to monitor the patch scan, asset scan, power management, and patch deployment tasks currently scheduled on any of the machines in your network. Scheduled patch and asset scans will be displayed on the console machine, and scheduled power tasks and patch deployment tasks will be displayed on their respective target machines.

You can use the Scheduled Tasks Manager to modify and delete the scheduled tasks. For example, if you know a certain machine will be unavailable on a certain day you can reschedule any tasks that are set to be performed on that machine. The Scheduled Tasks Manager requires the Shavlik Scheduler to be installed and running on each managed machine. See Installing the ShavlikScriptLogic Scheduler for more details. The Scheduled Tasks Manager can be run even if the Shavlik Protect console is closed.

or power tasks ).

You can access the Scheduled Tasks Manager the following ways:

A dialog similar to the following will appear:

Note: If you recently upgraded to Shavlik Protect 9.x and are experiencing problems using the Scheduled Tasks Manager to communicate with your machines, it could be you need to install the latest version of the Shavlik Scheduler on your machines. See Installing the ShavlikScriptLogic Scheduler


The Scheduled Tasks Manager dialog contains three distinct panes:

You can also perform a number of actions by right-clicking on a domain or machine, as illustrated here: