About Service Pack Groups

Shavlik Protect provides the ability for agents to use a service pack group to deploy a particular set of service packs.

Example 1:  Suppose Company A has a patch approval process under which they've certified four service packs as being mandatory for their organization. They do not want to deploy any patches, just the four service packs. They also want to be able to receive compliance reports. By creating a service pack group they can deploy only the specified service packs and receive a variety of deployment reports.

Example 2:  Suppose you identify a certain service pack as being critical for your organization. You can create a service pack group that contains just this service pack. When your agents perform a deployment, the only service pack that will be deployed will be the service pack defined in the group.

For information on implementing and using service pack groups, see Creating and Editing a Service Pack Group and Creating and Configuring a Patch Task.

Notes About Service Pack Groups