Why You Need VMware vCenter Protect - Configuration Management


IT executives are increasingly confronted with the dual task of managing risk to their organization and complying with internal and external security mandates. According to one study (Gartner, 2003), more than two-thirds of vulnerabilities are a result of system configuration errors.


VMware vCenter Protect - Configuration Management automates the management of critical system and security configurations, enabling IT executives to keep up with emerging regulations, to meet their compliance objectives, to lower their costs, and to reduce their risk of exposure.


The VMware vCenter Protect - Configuration Management solution automates the development and management of a security baseline, focusing on the following key components:

VMware vCenter Protect - Configuration Management centralizes management tasks to streamline efficiency and provide better overall accountability. It provides an auditable method of tracking system security configuration changes to enforce and support compliance requirements. It also helps an enterprise to develop and maintain an auditable set of internal controls to ensure the accuracy, security, and availability of corporate information assets.

VMware vCenter Protect - Configuration Management addresses the growing challenges associated with the IT system audit process by providing comprehensive automation to streamline the auditing and reporting of system and security configurations. It allows the enterprise to conduct a complete assessment of the entire network rather than a statistical sampling of systems. This complete assessment results in a far more expansive view of compliance with existing policies.

With VMware vCenter Protect - Configuration Management, your enterprise has a broad range of audit-ready reports that offer detailed verification of your system and security configuration compliance.

Mitigation of potential risk associated with out-of-policy security configuration is a complex task. VMware vCenter Protect - Configuration Management takes a simplified approach that can quickly and easily identify systems that are out of compliance and return those systems to the desired state.