How to View Checks That Are Out of Compliance


VMware vCenter Protect - Configuration Management enables you to quickly determine exactly which checks are out of compliance on a machine or group of machines. Doing so effectively creates a "To-Do" list of checks that need correcting. This is accomplished by using the In/Out of Compliance report filter.


  1. After performing one or more scans, open the Report Gallery by using the Tools > Reports menu or by clicking the Report Gallery icon ToolbarReportGalleryIcon.gif  on the toolbar.

  2. In the Pick Filter Options section, for the In/Out of Compliance filter select Out of Compliance.

This is illustrated in the following figure:


  1. Generate your report.

Only those checks currently out of compliance are displayed. In the following example, only those checks out of compliance are displayed for the machine named JOESDELL.



For more information on reports, see Overview of Reports and Report Gallery.

Another Option

You can also create a list of checks that are out of compliance directly from the scan results. While viewing the Compliance Summary, in the bottom pane specify Out of Compliance in the Compliance filter and then click Detail Report. See Scan Results: Compliance Summary for more details.