Supplying Credentials


Credentials consist of a user name and password pair used to authenticate to the machines that are scanned. By default, VMware vCenter Protect - Configuration Management uses your currently logged on credentials to automatically log in and scan the target machine(s). If the current logged in user credentials do not have administrative rights on all of the target machines, you need to enter alternate credentials.  VMware vCenter Protect - Configuration Management will use these alternate credentials to automatically log on to the target machines.  


Note: In all cases, credentials are stored with strong encryption techniques and are not available to anyone except the user who provided them.

Assigning Unique Credentials to a Machine Group

  1. Select the desired group from the Machine Groups list.

  2. In the Machine Group dialog that appears, click the padlock icon.




  1. Enter the appropriate credentials for the group and then click OK.


Assigning Unique Credentials to Individual Components

Unique credentials can also be defined for each component within a machine group. For example, to change the credentials for a particular machine, click the Credentials_icon.gif  icon: