Selecting Virtual Machines for Inclusion in a Machine Group


After logging on to a VMware ESX or virtual infrastructure server, the dialog is populated with all the virtual machines hosted by that server. For example:




Customizing the View

You can easily customize the way information is displayed within the dialog.

Tip: When reordering columns, the column header you are moving will always be placed in front of the column you drag it to.

Selecting Virtual Machines for Inclusion in a Machine Group

Before you select the desired virtual machines, be sure to use the Add Items By areas to specify how you want the virtual machines to be added to the machine group.


To add virtual machines to a machine group:

  1. Select the desired virtual machines.

You can select multiple virtual machines by pressing and holding the Shift or Ctrl key while selecting the items.

  1. Click Add Selected.

Note: If a machine name or IP address is unavailable, that virtual machine cannot be added to the machine group using the unavailable item.

Viewing Virtual Machines Within a Machine Group

When virtual machines are added, the new entries are displayed within either the Machines component or the IP Addresses / Ranges component. They are displayed no different than physical machines. For example:




Each virtual machine that is listed is accompanied by the following icons:

Note: Credentials are stored with strong encryption techniques and are not available to anyone except the user who provided them.