Scan Results: Share Summary



Note: Shares scanning can be enabled and disabled. If shares scanning is disabled then no shares information will be collected for the scanned machines. See Enabling and Disabling Shares Scanning for more information.


For more information about shares, see What Exactly Is A Share? and Why Knowing About Shares Is Important.


Top right-hand pane


When Share Summary is selected in the upper-left pane, the top right-hand pane in the scan summary displays a table containing detailed information about each share identified on machines found during that particular scan. Click on a column heading to sort the table by that information.




The overview shown above indicates that the machine named JOEA5100 contains six different shares.


Bottom pane


The bottom pane of the Share Summary provides some general information about all the shares identified during the scan as well as detailed information about the share currently selected in the upper-right pane. The details shown include the ACLs provided when the share was defined as well as Windows NTFS ACLs used on the corresponding share folder location. Restrictions from the NTFS ACLs or permissions always override the permissions set on the share if both are present.  


You can view, export, and print the information by clicking on the link named Summary Report. This will display the Local Shares Summary report. This report provides information about each of the shares detected on the scanned machines and shown in the upper-right pane.