Scan Results: Machine Summary


Top right-hand pane


When an individual machine is selected in the upper-left pane, the top right-hand pane in the scan summary displays a table containing information about each policy check on that particular machine. Click on a column heading to sort the table by that information.




Bottom pane


If a policy check is selected in the table in the top right-hand pane, the bottom pane changes to display detailed information about the check. In addition, you can use this summary to enforce compliance for those checks not in compliance. In the Enforce column of the upper-right pane simply enable the check box next to the desired checks and then, in the bottom pane, click either Enforce Selected or Enforce/Rescan Selected.  You can also use Select All and Unselect All to enable or clear the check boxes.


Tip: You can also right-click a policy check to access the Enforce Selected, Enforce/Rescan Selected, Select All, and Unselect All menu options.




See Enforcement Overview for more information about the enforcement process.


Finally, you can view additional information by clicking one of the following links:


See Detailed Policy Check Information for more information about the policy check.