Scan History


Even after a series of scans, all of the results of prior scans are just a click away.  After a scan is performed, an entry for the scan is placed in the Recent Scans list. You can view a scan by selecting it. To delete an entry from the list, right-click the entry and select Delete.




Additionally, you can get a more detailed list of all prior scans by selecting Tools > Manage Scan Results.




If you want to delete certain scans from this list, select the items you would like to remove and click Deleted Selected.  If you would like to remove all scan history, choose Select All and then Delete All. Be careful not to delete scans you may need in order to prove past compliance with certain regulations.


Note: Removing an entry from the Recent Scans list also removes that entry from the Manage Scan Results list, and vice versa. All data associated with the deleted item are also removed from the database.