Report Gallery


The VMware vCenter Protect - Configuration Management Report Gallery is designed to provide you with an assortment of different report filtering options.  You can open the Report Gallery using the Tools > Reports menu or by clicking the Report Gallery icon ToolbarReportGalleryIcon.gif  on the toolbar.  The Report Gallery consists of a single dialog in which you make all of your selections.




Choosing the report

The top of the dialog is where you choose which report you want to run.  When you select a report from the list, the description of that report is displayed and a sample of the report appears at the bottom of the dialog.


Filtering the report

VMware vCenter Protect - Configuration Management's reporting utility includes powerful filtering options. The filtering options allow you to choose which of the items you want to report on:



The filter options available to you depend on the type of report you choose to run. Not all filter options are available for each report.


Viewing the report

Once you have made your selections, click Generate Report to see the results.