Performing A New Installation


To install the program:


1) Double-click the file named VMwareProtectConfigMgmtSetup_4.3.#.#.exe.


Any software prerequisites that are missing will be listed. Click Install to install the missing prerequisites (this may take several minutes and may require a reboot). When all prerequisites are installed the Welcome to the VMware vCenter Protect - Configuration Management Installation Wizard dialog is displayed.


2) Click Next.


The license agreement is displayed. You must agree to the terms of the license agreement in order to install the program.  


3) To continue with the installation, select I accept the terms in the license agreement and then click Next.


The Destination Folder dialog appears.


4) If you want to change the default location of the program, click Change and choose a new location.  When you are done, click Next.


The Ready to Install the Program dialog appears.


5) To begin the installation click Install.  


Near the end of the installation process the Do you have an Existing Database? dialog is displayed.


6) If you have a previously installed VMware vCenter Protect - Configuration Management database that you wish to use, select Yes and then click Next. Otherwise, select No and then click Next.


7) To create a new SQL Server database, select Yes. If you select No the installation will not be able to complete.


A dialog similar to the following is displayed:




Use the boxes provided to define the name, location, and credentials used to access the SQL Server database.

Caution! If you supply SQL authentication credentials and have not implemented SSL encryption for SQL connections, the credentials will be passed over the network in clear text.


8) After providing all the required information, click Next.


The program either creates the new database or connects to the existing database. When the database is complete the Database Installation Complete dialog is displayed.


9) Click Next.


When the installation is complete the Installation Complete dialog appears.


10) Click Finish.


The InstallShield Wizard Completed dialog appears.


11) If you want to start using the program immediately, enable the Launch VMware vCenter Protect - Configuration Management check box and then click Finish.