Logging On To A Virtual Infrastructure Server


When you begin the process of adding one or more virtual machines to a machine group, a dialog similar to the following is displayed:




You must:

  1. Log on to one or more VMware ESX or virtual infrastructure server by clicking Add Server.

  2. Select the virtual machines on those servers that you want to include in your machine group.

The dialog is initially empty. The dialog contains the following buttons and options:



Applies only after virtual machines are added to the table. It enables you to export selected items to a text file.


Add Server

Enables you to add a new server definition. The following dialog is displayed:




  • Server: Type the full name of the VMware ESX or virtual infrastructure server that is hosting the virtual machines you want to add to the machine group.

  • Port: The port number used when making a connection to the server. The default port value is 443.

  • User: Type a user name that has access to the server.

  • Password: Type the password for the user.

After adding the server, the list of virtual machines hosted by that server is displayed. See Selecting Virtual Machines for information on selecting the desired virtual machines for inclusion in the machine group.


Add Items By

Specifies whether the virtual machines that you select will be added to the machine group using their Machine Name or their IP Address. You cannot select both options.



Add Selected

This button is not available until after you log on to a server and the table is populated with virtual machines. Use this button to add selected virtual machines to your machine group.