Loading Custom Checks From A Database


One way to add custom checks to a custom policy is to import existing custom checks from other policies. VMware vCenter Protect - Configuration Management maintains a database of all custom checks that have been created. You simply use the Custom Check Wizard to import the custom checks you want. You can import the custom checks as is or you can modify them as needed.

The Custom Check Wizard is launched from within a custom policy. Only those custom checks that reside in different custom policies are available to be imported. The program recognizes custom checks that are already contained in the current custom policy and will not display those checks.

  1. From the Custom Check Wizard click Load from database.

A dialog similar to the following is displayed:


  1. Select the custom check you want to add and then click Next.

The Custom Check Wizard Operating Systems dialog is displayed. At this point you can either import the custom check as is by clicking Next on all the subsequent dialogs, or you can use the subsequent dialogs to edit the check before importing it.