Importing A New Machine Group


One of the ways to quickly create a new machine group is to import an existing group that closely resembles the new group you want create; you can then add and delete machines as needed. You can import a group that already exists within VMware vCenter Protect - Configuration Management, and you can also import existing groups from other products, such as VMware vCenter Protect. Importing existing groups is much quicker than manually creating groups, particularly if the groups are large.


To import a new machine group:


Note: A new machine group is imported from an existing group XML file. Group XML files can be created using the Tools > Export Group > Group File menu.


  1. In the Machine Groups list click Import New Machine Group.


The Create A New Machine Group dialog box is displayed.




In this dialog, provide a descriptive name for the new machine group along with a comment that describes the purpose of the group.


  1. To save the group click Save; to abort the operation click Cancel.


If you click Save the Select a file to import dialog box is displayed.




  1. Navigate to the location of the machine group XML file you want to import and then click Open.


The following dialog is displayed:




  1. Click OK.


The new machine group is displayed. For information on configuring the new machine group, see Configuring Machine Groups.