Importing Custom Checks From A File


You can create a custom check by importing an existing custom check that was previously exported to an XML file. You can then modify that custom check if needed.

Note: For information on exporting a custom check, see Exporting Custom Checks.

  1. From the Custom Check Wizard click Import from File.

A dialog similar to the following is displayed:


  1. Select the XML file you want to import and then click Open.


An unsigned file is not as secure as a digitally signed file. If you feel you can trust the file (for example, perhaps you or a colleague were the person who initially exported the file), then click Yes. Otherwise click No.


To import the file click Yes; to abort the operation click No.

If the import process is successful the following dialog is displayed:


  1. At this point you can either import the custom check as is by clicking Next on all the subsequent dialogs, or you can use the subsequent dialogs to edit the check before importing it.