How the Associated Policies are Affected


Associating a policy with a machine group essentially forms a one-to-one association between the policy and the machine group. For example, if you associate the Recommended Baseline policy with a machine group, that will be the only policy to appear within the machine group's Scan With Policy selection box.


Once an association is created between a machine group and a policy, it also changes the way machine groups are made available from within the policy. Only the associated machine group will be available from within the policy. For example, if you associated a group named Sample Group with the Recommended Baseline policy, only Sample Group would be available from within the policy.





If you want other machine groups to be available from within a policy, simply create additional associations between those machine groups and the policy.


The Getting Started section of the home page is similarly affected. For example, using the same scenario as above, if Sample Group is selected as the machine group, the only policy that will be available to scan that particular machine group will be Recommended Baseline.