Exporting Custom Checks

VMware vCenter Protect - Configuration Management provides the ability to export custom checks that you've created. Exporting a custom check enables it to be imported by you or a colleague into a different custom policy. Custom checks are exported to an XML file.

There are two ways to initiate the export of a custom check:

For example:



The Custom Check Wizard is launched.

  1.  Repeatedly click Next on each dialog until the final dialog is displayed.


  1. Click Export to File.

After clicking Export to File the Select file name to export custom check dialog is displayed. For example:



  1. In the Save in box specify the directory where you want to save the exported custom check.

  2. Type a unique file name and then click Save.

The following dialog is displayed:


  1. If you want to sign the XML file with a digital signature click Yes; if not, click No.

By digitally signing the XML file you provide additional security. For example, whoever imports the file will know exactly who created the file and be able to decide if the file comes from a trustworthy source. In addition, signing the file creates a checksum that is used during the import process to verify that the file has not been corrupted.

Note: In order to digitally sign the XML file you must have access to a digital certificate.

If you click Yes the Signing Certificate Selection dialog is displayed.

  1. (Optional) If you elect to digitally sign the XML file, on the Signing Certificate Selection dialog select the certificate you want to use to sign the file and then click OK.