Exporting and Importing Policies


You can export a custom policy to an XML file. This makes the policy available to be imported by other installations of VMware vCenter Protect - Configuration Management. All checks within a policy, including custom checks, will be exported and/or imported. Policies exported from earlier versions of VMware vCenter Protect - Configuration Management may be imported into later versions of VMware vCenter Protect - Configuration Management.

You can also import a number of different policy templates that are available for download from the VMware Inc Web site.


Note: You cannot export any of the two predefined policies (Recommended Baseline and NIST/FISMA Baseline). If you want to use one of the predefined policies as the starting point for a new custom policy, see Duplicating A Predefined Policy.

To export a policy

  1. Select Tools > Export Policy, or while viewing a custom policy, click Export Policy.

The Select A Policy dialog is displayed. For example:


Note: Only custom policies are displayed in the list. None of the predefined policies can be exported.

  1. Enable the check box of the policy you want to export and then click OK.

  2. In the Export Policy to dialog, specify the desired directory and file name and then click Save.

The following dialog is displayed:


  1. If you want to sign the XML file with a digital signature click Yes; if not, click No.

By digitally signing the XML file you provide additional security. For example, whoever imports the file will know exactly who created the file and be able to decide if the file comes from a trustworthy source. In addition, signing the file creates a checksum that is used during the import process to verify that the file has not been corrupted.

Note: In order to digitally sign the XML file you must have access to a digital certificate.

If you click Yes the Signing Certificate Selection dialog is displayed.

  1. (Optional) If you elect to digitally sign the XML file, on the Signing Certificate Selection dialog select the certificate you want to use to sign the file and then click OK.

To import a policy

Note: If you are attempting to import a policy into the same instance of VMware vCenter Protect - Configuration Management from which the policy was originally exported, see Copying a Custom Policy for information on changing the name of the policy.

  1. Select Tools > Import Policy, or click Import Policy from within the Policy & Compliance list.

The Select a file to import dialog is displayed. For example:


  1. Select the XML file you want to import and then click Open.


An unsigned file is not as secure as a digitally signed file. If you feel you can trust the file (for example, perhaps you or a colleague were the person who initially exported the file), then click Yes. Otherwise click No.


To import the file click Yes; to abort the operation click No.


The imported policy is given the policy group name that is stored within the XML file, which may or may not be the same name as the XML file.