Duplicating a Predefined Policy


The two predefined policies (Recommended Baseline and NIST/FISMA Baseline) cannot be modified or exported. If you want to use one of the predefined policies as the starting point for a new custom policy, you must create a duplicate of the desired predefined policy.


  1. In the Policy & Compliance list click New Custom Policy.


The Create A New Policy dialog box is displayed.




  1. Type a name and a comment.

  2. Enable Manually select checks and then click Save.

An empty policy is displayed.

  1. Select the framework that represents the predefined baseline you want to duplicate.

All the checks in that framework will be displayed in the upper-right pane. For example, if you select NIST 800-53 the following is displayed:


  1. In the bottom pane, click Select All.

The check boxes are enabled for every check in the upper-right pane.

  1. Click Add Selected Checks.

All the checks are added to the new policy, effectively duplicating the predefined policy. You can now customize the policy as desired.