Defining Nested Groups


You can use nested groups when configuring a machine group.  A nested group is a group that consists of one or more other groups.




To add or remove nested groups, use the following nested group menu options.


Add Nested Group

This menu option opens a separate dialog that provides a list of available machine groups.  All currently defined machine groups are listed except the machine group you are currently configuring.  Select the machine groups you would like to add to the custom group and then click OK.





Remove All Nested Groups

Select this menu option to remove all of the nested groups from the group.



When a nested group is added, the new entry is displayed within the Nested Groups component as illustrated here:




Each nested group that is listed is accompanied by the following icons:

Note: Changing the credentials here changes the credentials everywhere the group is used. If credentials are not specified here, the credentials from the original machine group are used.

Also note: Credentials are stored with strong encryption techniques and are not available to anyone except the user who provided them.