Copying a Custom Policy


You can make a copy of a custom policy using the export/import functionality (see Exporting and Importing Policies). This may be useful if you want to create a new policy that closely matches an existing custom policy. Simply export the existing policy to an XML file, specify a new name for the exported policy within the XML file, import the XML file, and then refine the imported policy to suit your needs.


You must rename the exported policy because VMware vCenter Protect - Configuration Management will not allow you to import a policy if another policy with the same name already exists in the system. Simply providing a different name to the XML file during the export process doesn't work— the name of the policy is stored within the XML file. To rename the exported policy, open the XML file using an XML editor and change the policygroup_name parameter. For example:




Note: You cannot export either of the two predefined policies (Recommended Baseline and NIST/FISMA Baseline). If you want to use one of the predefined policies as the starting point for a new custom policy, see Duplicating A Predefined Policy.