Cloning A Policy


VMware vCenter Protect - Configuration Management enables you to create a new policy by cloning the configuration of an established machine. This is a quick and powerful way to create a policy that can immediately be used to scan similar machines in your organization for compliance. The idea is for you to configure one machine in your organization that represents your organization's "gold standard." You then clone a policy using the policy checks on that machine. This process can be very useful when working with vendors or government agencies that provide machines that are pre-configured according to a particular standard.


The actual process is very simple.


Note: To see a demonstration of the policy cloning process, go to:


  1. Create a machine group that contains just the one machine you want to use as your gold standard.

The machine group cannot contain multiple machines. For information on creating a machine group and on adding a machine to it, see Creating a New Machine Group and Configuring Machine Groups, respectively.

  1. In the Policy & Compliance list click New Custom Policy.

The Create A New Policy dialog box is displayed.

  1. Type a unique name and description for the policy.

For example:


  1. At the bottom of the dialog, enable the From an existing machine option.

  2. In the Machine Group box, select the machine group that represents your "gold standard" configuration.

In the example above, a machine group named Gold Standard Machine appears in the list. This machine group was previously created and contains the machine whose compliance properties you want to emulate.

Restriction: Only machine groups containing one machine are displayed within the Machine Group box.

  1. Click Save.


The machine is scanned. Every policy check and its associated value found on the machine is added to the new policy. When the process is complete the new policy is displayed. For example: