Adding Machines to a Machine Group by Name


One of the ways that a machine can be added to a machine group is by machine name.  Like most other tasks in VMware vCenter Protect - Configuration Management, there is a multitude of different ways that you can provide the machine name information to be used.




The easiest way to add a machine to a machine group is to type the name of the machine in the Add Machine field and click Double_arrows_icon.gif. You can also add or remove machines using the following machine menu options.


Remove All Machines

Select this menu option to remove all of the machines from a group.

Import From File

You can import a list of machine names from a previously created text file.  The text file can be created manually or it can be created by exporting machines names from another machine group using the Tools > Export Group > Text Files menu. See Working With A Machine Group for more information about the Tools menu.


Link File

Machine names can also be dynamically linked to a text file rather than imported.  Linking a file to a machine group is different than importing its contents.  Importing contents is a one-time operation after which the information from the file becomes a part of the machine group.  When you link a file to a machine group, any changes that you make to the file are automatically reflected in the next scan.  See Linking Files to Machine Groups for more information.



When machines are added or imported by name, the new entries are displayed within the Machines component as illustrated here:




Each machine that is listed is accompanied by the following icons:

Note: Credentials are stored with strong encryption techniques and are not available to anyone except the user who provided them.