Adding Organizational Units to a Machine Group


Companies often split up Active Directory entities by creating multiple Organizational Units.  A machine group in VMware vCenter Protect - Configuration Management can be configured to include specific organization units from Active Directory.  For example, you can create a machine group that includes all machines from the 'Sales' organizational unit if desired.



The easiest way to add an organizational unit to a machine group is to type its name in the Add OU field and then click Double_arrows_icon.gif.  An OU is added in full LDAP format.  For example, to add the Sales OU from the domain, the format is 'example/ou=sales,dc=example,dc=com'.  If you specify a parent OU, all children OUs will be included in the scan.


You can also add or remove organizational units using the following organizational unit menu options.


Remove All Organizational Units

Select this menu option to remove all of the organizational units from a group.




Import From File

You can import a list of OUs from a previously created text file.  The text file can be created manually or it can be created by exporting names from another machine group using the Tools menu.



When organizational units are added, the new entries are displayed within the Organizational Units component as illustrated here:




Each organizational unit that is listed is accompanied by the following icons:

Note: Credentials are stored with strong encryption techniques and are not available to anyone except the user who provided them.