About Policies


VMware vCenter Protect - Configuration Management uses policies to define the products and the policy checks to evaluate during a particular scan.  VMware vCenter Protect - Configuration Management provides two predefined baseline policies:



In addition, there are also a number of predefined policy templates that can be downloaded from the VMware Inc Web site and then imported into VMware vCenter Protect - Configuration Management. See Exporting and Importing Policies for details.


None of the predefined baseline policies can be modified. If you wish to define your own policies, see Creating a New Policy.


Note: Your organization may use an Active Directory and Microsoft Group Policy infrastructure to apply corporate standards to your computers and workstations. If a policy defines one or more policy checks that are controlled by Active Directory, any changes to those policy checks will be temporary if they conflict with Group Policy and the checks will be changed back to the values specified by Active Directory. In this situation it is important that you define your policy to reflect the requirements specified by your Active Directory settings. This will enable you to accurately audit and report on the status of your policy checks. Enforcement by VMware vCenter Protect - Configuration Management will then be in compliance with and maintain the required Group Policy settings.