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Secure healthcare IT with Shavlik

Shavlik solutions support the healthcare industry, safeguarding servers and endpoints with asset discovery, patch management, and secure mobile email. Maintain HIPAA compliance, HITECH compliance, and other healthcare standards and protect healthcare information from data loss. Secure IT or lose it.

Cyber threats in healthcare are scary. Get it together!

We’ve witnessed a rash of retail security breaches making the news headlines. But seething under the covers is a potentially larger story of breaches in the healthcare industry. If you’re an IT professional in healthcare, how can you protect your organization and decrease the risk of data loss?

Learn how solutions from Shavlik can help you improve healthcare security.

You patch up your patients; let Shavlik patch your software

Many healthcare organizations lack the time and discipline to keep up with OS and third-party software updates for both the data center and endpoints. Shavlik offers powerful yet easy-to-use solutions to assess and deploy patches to your data center and endpoints.

Patch endpoints and the data center with Shavlik Protect

Healthcare IT professionals juggle many priorities, and consistent patching is high on the list. In a single solution Shavlik Protect sends OS and third-party software updates to servers and endpoints. You’ll discover it to be comprehensive patch management that’s easy to install and use.

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Shavlik Patch expands on Microsoft System Center

Many healthcare organizations use Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) to deploy software and software updates. The solution Shavlik Patch for Microsoft System Center adds third-party patching capabilities to SCCM. Now you can leverage the power of SCCM and add third-party application patching without breaking the processes and infrastructure you already have in place.

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Protect PHI with Secure Mobile Email

With Secure Mobile Email by LetMobile, patient data sent in emails to mobile devices is protected. This intuitive product offers flexible choices for safeguarding your email but still uses the native email app on the device that users prefer. You can keep the data off the device in an always-connected mode, or you can specify a different offline and encrypted attachment modes that reduce your risk of losing personal healthcare information (PHI).

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Data security in the year of the healthcare breach

A sound security strategy for healthcare IT must comprise automated, comprehensive application and OS security patching along with secure mobile email that can be implemented quickly and defend against the most common attacks.

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