Shavlik Customer Success Stories

Tulane University

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An information technology team of five keeps 485 workstations and 27 Windows servers running smoothly at the internationally recognized business school. When manual patching had the team constantly applying updates— instead of supporting teaching and learning—IT leadership sought an automated patch management solution that would get the job done but minimize disruptions to end users.






  • 485 Windows workstations
  • 27 Windows servers

Key Benefits:

  • In the case of major security updates, the IT team is freed from spending half a day on manual patching.
  • The team pushes out updates remotely on a schedule that works for all end users.
  • Shavlik updates third-party software, rather than just Microsoft products.
  • Centralized reporting ensures that IT always knows what has been applied or not.

Patching, though necessary, doesn’t contribute to the mission of the school. Now we’re spending time on real work, teaching and learning, rather than doing busywork.”

Tom Gerace
Assistant Vice President Enterprise Services, Tulane University

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