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Presbyterian Church (USA)

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Presbyterian Church (USA) provides centralized leadership for the country’s 10,425 churches. An IT team of three supports 440 employees at two locations.






  • 450 Windows PCs
  • 50 Windows servers
  • Two locations

Key Benefits:

  • Easier server patch management frees half of the work-week for two people, saving the equivalent of one full-time employee.
  • PCUSA reduced PC updates from 8-10 days to 4 ½ hours.
  • IT staff can focus on other projects and help desk support for employees.
  • PC updates happen daily and server updates are deployed at least a week faster than before, closing a major vulnerability gap.

In comparison to what we did before, we save so much time now. Shavlik helps us do more with less so we have time for other projects and helping our employees stay productive.”

Randy Bowman
Network Analyst II, Information Technology, Presbyterian Church (USA)

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