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Air-Land Transport Service

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Air-Land Transport Service, Inc. assists with the coast-to-coast supply chain needs of Fortune 500 customers, hauling freight within the continental United States. An IT team of two supports 135 PCs and servers across four locations.






  • 100 Windows PCs
  • 35 Windows servers
  • Four locations

Key Benefits:

  • Automated patching helps the company operate with a lean IT model while maintaining a stable, secure environment.
  • Before, patching was endless. Now, it takes just half an hour a week
  • Air-Land Transport Service’s computers are updated days sooner than they would be with a manual approach.
  • Management and Fortune 500 customers have greater peace of mind.
  • Asset inventory ensures that the company doesn’t pay for unused licenses.

Before, patching was as much time as you could devote because it never ended. Now with Shavlik, it’s half an hour a week. Built-in antivirus simplifies things for us. It’s a one-stop shop with Shavlik.”

Kevin Kraus
Systems Administrator, Air-Land Transport Service

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